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Words Matter

Every word matters, whether you're a CEO of a major corporation, a small business owner, or an independent researcher, author, or designer. 

Whether you're creating new content or need professional transcripts to  increase productivity and take your business or research project to new heights,

never underestimate the power of a single word well-placed.

When a transcript, article or post is well-written, diligently-edited, and elegantly-formatted,  it becomes more than just a piece of content.


Precise and thoughtful content creation, revision, or transcription can make you or your business an authority in your area of expertise. 




Hansa (Sanskrit - हंस, haṃsa or hamsa)


Hansa, the swan, can separate milk  from water. 




I started Hansa Scribe to do my part in creating better, more readable, and more truthful content on the internet and in print.


My belief is that words really do matter, in business and in life. No matter how you use a transcript, article, e-book, or any other piece of content, you should never settle for less than the best. 

- Sarah

Sarah Kessler



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