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Transcription Types Overview


Hansa Scribe offers different types of transcription to suit different needs.


The basic transcription service includes the following features:

  • Clean verbatim transcription (the most widely preferred type of transcription, omitting everything like “um”, “er”, false starts, etc.)

  • Speaker labels

  • Thorough proofing and editing

  • Elegant formatting, with title page and/or other details upon request

  • Technical subject matter

Transcription Rates

It does not include the following:

  • Strict verbatim (rarely requested, includes every utterance and stutter)

  • Background noise, laughter, and other noise indicators

  • Time codes

  • Hard-to-understand or poor-quality audio

Step 1: Pick Your Type


This depends on how quickly you’d like your transcription delivered.  

Step 2: Pick Your Add-Ons

Add-ons are features that do not come included with the above transcription types, but that you can request with any type of transcription.

This depends on how you’ll be using your transcription.

Total Rate per Minute
Writing Rates

Writing & Editing

Rate Overview

The prices below vary to account for differences in scope, involvement, and time dedication, and are just an average estimation of what you can expect. 


Your quote will always be made more concrete based on the details of your particular project.

Advertorial Mail Piece or Brochure

Blog Post or Article, Short (up to 500 words)

Blog Post or Article, Long (up to 1200 words)

Business Plan

Copyediting Existing Work

Editorial Management

Email Copy


Resume, Profile, or Bio

Website Copy






$75 per hour

$550 per month

$0.45 per word

$250 per or ask about monthly/yearly packages

$250 - $350

$0.50 per word


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