Behind the Name: What is Hansa?

In Hinduism, each god or goddess has an associated vahana ("that which carries").

Hansa, the swan, is the vahana of Saraswati – the goddess of knowledge, music, arts, wisdom, and learning.

The goddess and the vahana are connected as body and soul.

Hansa possesses great knowledge and abilities as the vahana of Saraswati.

According to lore, Hansa can separate milk from water, drinking just the milk when presented with a mixture of the two.

This discerning character, with its soul based in knowledge and creativity, is the inspiration for the name Hansa Scribe.

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Karin Lohwasser, Ph.D.& Tammy Tasker, Ph.D. 


University of Washington College of Education

It was a joy working with Sarah on our project for which she transcribed almost 300 hours of interviews.  We found her very reliable, fast, and accurate - and really easy to communicate with. We hope to work with her again soon.

Ann Alexander, Content Strategist

Hansa is my go-to writing service for SEO content in the field of home healthcare. They deliver exactly what I need and tell a compelling story with on-target keywords. Sarah’s work is excellent -- and she always makes me smile.

Oscar Bucher, Film Producer

Fantastic transcription service! Fast response on all messages, great attention to detail, perfect time-stamps as required, incredibly accurate and fast turn-around. You cannot find better! Thank you, Sarah!