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​We've all been in those situations where we're expected to take notes but also actively participate and engage.


It's become the norm to expect this of meeting attendees, doctors, students, and various types of professionals. But the truth is, it's usually  impossible.


Imagine that you could just sit back — maybe with a cup of fresh coffee — and let someone else do the notetaking.


You can engage in meaningful, productive conversations with your clients or colleagues, and benefit from detailed notes to reflect upon afterward, too.



A professional transcriber can be your very own personal notetaker; but transcription plays many other roles, as well.


Transcription can lead you or your business to new heights in productivity and creativity, whether you're attending or hosting meetings, crafting a novel, or studying for final exams.


A transcript can act as an official record that you use only internally, or it can be used as a value-add service to your clients.




The following transcription rates include: 

  • Clean verbatim transcription (omits ums, uhs, false starts, etc.) 

  • Speaker labels 

  • Thorough proofing and editing 

  • Elegant formatting with title page and/or other details upon request

  • Any subject matter 

Extra Services 

Add $0.40 per recorded minute for each of the following services:

  • Verbatim – includes uhs, ums, false starts, and stutters

  • Time Codes – you specify how often

  • Corrected Grammar – a clean, edited transcript with correct grammar

  • Difficult Audio – due to poor recording quality or heavy accent(s)

  • Special Editing – formatting or editing including bulleted lists, limited summarization etc.

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Hansa Scribe Transcription Services

Don't see exactly what you have in mind here?


Get a free quote to learn more about Hansa Scribe Transcription Services and how they can benefit you or your business.

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